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This is a discussion that developed over a user post about how humans have used their intellect to escape extinction level events and we will use them to get out of our current predicament of overshoot and resource depletion.

I finally know

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I finally know what I’m going to use this blog for. I spend entirely too much time on reddit, and what other time I have beyond normal life is devoted towards writing my next novel. So, in lieu of producing my own content, I’ll be posting my favorite comments from the subreddits I frequent. The user will be given credit for the post and if I have time I’ll add my own commentary.

The first post is from xrm67 in reference to Donald Trump’s tweet about Nuclear Weapons.

Honestly, much of these posts I would like to go back and look at again, but I never bookmark them, time moves on and they are lost down the memory hole. Now, if nothing else, I can reference them from my own website.

Yes, yes I am.

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I’m not one of those writers that enjoys writing about the writing process. If I’m writing, I’m writing and I’m not producing content for this blog. No one signed up for my Patreon account, so that definitely makes it easier to not get distracted. Now I get to spend my free time working on the stories I want to work on. Haha. Funny how that played out…

If I think of something original, I’ll be sure to add it. Or at least have a good intention of adding it.

Fit for Human Consumption

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Self promotion time. I finished this about a week ago but forgot to post it here:
Buy a print copy of “The Dream Snatcher Chronicles” at


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Well, I didn’t get picked up for the kindle scout campaign. Honestly, it wasn’t much of a surprise. I tried a few different things to garner nominations, but there was about a 2 week block where I didn’t get a single one. I guess I’m not cut out for this self-promotion gig.

I remember back in the day when I first submitted “The Dream Snatcher Chronicles” to TOR and shortly later received a rejection letter from them. I remember the physical stab of pain in my chest. I remember how attached I was to my work. I’ve been guilty of this a few times throughout my life and Army career. I work on something, I think its good and then someone kicks me down a notch or the product isn’t what they wanted.

As my wise mentor said at the Captains Career Course. “Don’t get tied to what you made, focus on the mission.”

We all want our tender baby creations taken seriously and appreciated. The harsh reality is that only a small percentage of “the arts” are ever enjoyed by a large swath of the population. I’m looking at you “Game of Thrones” and “Pokemon Go!”. I find that this harsh reality no longer bothers me. I have stories to tell, and I will tell them to the best of my abilities until they are done. Then maybe I’ll take up underwater basket weaving or something. If people read them and enjoy them is secondary to the mission.

When I received the rejection email from Kindle Scout, there was no pang of disappointment. I had already laid out a plan to release “The Dream Snatcher Chronicles” on my own. And perhaps build that reader base I never bothered to attract….